Planning and conceptual design

of individual units and systems

At IMA every unit or system is unique. But how are these units and systems produced? The foundation stone is laid by our customers who come to us with their individual requirements. Our experts take these requirements from the planning section as the basis for the development of an individually customized system solution.

The planning section develops systems concepts, draws up plant layouts, calculates the capacity and performance of the unit or system, analyses the production data, simulates the flow of materials and handles the technical clarification - both internally and externally. The whole time we are in close contact with our customer so that we have a holistic understanding of the desired functions and capabilities at all times.

Depending on the complexity of the requirements, we designate a project manager who serves as the main contact person for the customer and supervises the entire process all the way from the customer inquiry up to delivery and final acceptance of the unit or system. The project manager monitors the progress of the project by drawing up a project schedule and ensuring that the agreed project goals are met.

More than 65 years of planning and implementation capabilities in the construction of machinery and industrial plant for the woodworking industry make IMA a highly reliable partner. Working together with our customers, we develop innovative and efficient production lines and make use of solutions that had already been implemented when doing so.

Together we increase yor efficiency
Meeting the customer's needs straight to the point

With continous investments in research & development and our experience in the woodworking industry and the small shops gained over many years, we are permanently expanding our technological leadership for our customer’s benefit. Our key strength is to concentrate on the essential i.e. to meet the individual expectations of our customers! As a medium-size company we stand for tailor-made system solutions – from the project management to the accompanying service. With small but at the same time competent and power - ful teams, we develop concepts that guarantee outstanding quality and high technical availability.

IMA does not supply off the shelf products or prefabricated solutions. As a specialist for applications in the field of flexible and powerful woodworking systems, in particular for lot size 1-production, IMA’s know-how is in demand wherever the focus is on the concept of integrated lines with both flexibility and capacity rather than the features of individual machines. IMA develops a concept that reflects your production system and serves to design your tailor-made solution.

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