Transport Functions

IMA transport functions – rotating, turning, handing over, discharging

The IMA system module collection comprises various transport modules for the smooth flow of materials into series production.

In addition to feeders and stackers a wide variety of different transport systems belong to the IMA collection of system modules for efficient, customer-specific production lines. These IMA transport functions for rotating, turning, transferring and discharging parts are a vital element for the smooth flow of materials of a production lane in series production:

The IMA rotating station also rotates work pieces with very delicate surfaces without damage from lengthways to crosswise and from crosswise to lengthways. Fast NC axes control the changeover to other panel thicknesses and operating mode "Rotation/No rotation".

For the machining of work pieces on both sides in the production line, for example, when integrating a drilling machine, IMA has a range of various capacity-independent panel turners in its line of products.

The IMA cross transfer device can be equipped with lifting and lowering belts or roller transport, depending on the task in hand. The lifting movement can be done either by electric motors or pneumatically, depending on the capacity.

Equipped with the very latest surface and edge inspection technologies, the IMA discharge station takes defective parts out of the production run in the cycle capacity that was designed for the entire system.

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