Handling and transport systems for cost-effective series production

Handling and transport systems for cost-effective series production

IMA is a specialist in intelligent handling and transport systems of modular design and the intelligent planning of material flows. We have the crucial know-how and technical capabilities for the development and production of innovative, customer-specific, solutions for feeding and stacking.

Our key themes: Process reliability and efficiency

The productivity of a production line depends to a very extent on the handling and transporting technology that is used. Special machine lanes with pass-through speeds in the high-performance area require refined logistics concepts to be able to attain their maximum performance. A large number of parameters need to be taken into consideration when designing handling and transport systems and planning the flow of materials - in addition to the capacity of the system, batch sizes and forms of stacking, they include interfaces to the machining equipment and the production environment. In addition, the finished system must meet our high standards regarding process reliability, top quality and economy of operation. Only then is it possible to connect high-quality machines, well thought out logistics solutions and an intelligent form of process control to create extremely functional and efficient production systems.

Feeders and stackers of modular construction

The modular structure of the feeders and stackers with upstream and downstream transport functions from IMA fit in flexibly into the overall throughput and the individual factory layout. They are compatible with all pass-through machines and represent on the basis of their price-performance ratio and long working life the perfect handling solution for series production.

IMA feeders and stackers for cost-effective series production

Feeders and stackers are an important constituent part of complete production systems. Feeding and stacking that is perfectly matched to the throughput capacity of the relevant pass-through machine is crucial for a smooth flow of materials and cost-effective series production.

Our modular feeders and stackers can be combined with all IMA pass-through machines to make up a high-performance production lane. The key factors for the design of the feeder and stacker gantries are the machine capacity, stacks and batch sizes.

We offer a wide variety of versions and levels of automation for the feeding and removal of material for our feeders and stackers with protection boards.

IMA feeders and stackers - the advantages at a glance

  • solid construction = basis for high performance with little wear
  • high level of availability
  • well thought out drive and control technology
  • high cycle counts
  • low energy consumption
  • gentle handling of the materials
  • clear and easy to understand operation 

IMA buffer and sorting technology