IMA buffer and sorting technology

IMA logistics systems for custom production

Capable storage, handling and transport technologies ensure trouble-free material flows, short throughput times and low storage costs.

An increasingly large number of variations and ever smaller production units required custom production to meet these needs. Capable handling and transport systems are an important precondition for low storage costs, shorter throughput times and economic production that are tailored to the individual customer and, above all, offer process security. IMA delivers storage, handling and transport technologies that have been designed by the logistics specialists from the Lübbecke-based maker of individual machines and units for interlinked production in the woodworking and furniture industries, precisely for the relevant production concept. The result is a precisely matched production environment - all the way from the raw panel storage area to the sorting & storage area. IMA logistics systems ensure a trouble-free flow of materials. They convince through the large variety of types, a high level of automation and superlative performance.

Special importance is placed on the perfect interaction of all production and handling processes in "batch size one" production. This calls for intelligent, production-oriented buffer and sorting technology. The focus is on speed and smart logistics.

Shelf storage systemsfrom IMA