Novimat Contour L20

the throughfeed machine for highcapacity and premium-quality edge processing

Novimat contour L 20 – the throughfeed machine for highcapacity and premium-quality edge processing All units of the Novimat contour L 20 – are of solid design and have optimal motor power, which ensures excellent repeatability, a high utilization rate and a long service able life expectancy. The Novimat contour – allows for costefficient and reliable edge-banding of shaped com ponents using tape up to 3 mm and lippings up to 20 mm thick:

  • uncomplicated one-man operation through the automation of essential functions;
  • designed for industrial use and specifically for jointing, edge banding and fine finishing of edgings;
  • solid and rigid fabricated base frame;
  • top pressure track with double joined V belt;
  • fast glue change due to IMA quick-lock system;
  • centralized lubrication of the feed chain;
  • panel support device positionable within the working width;
  • program-controlled feed speed between 6 and 30 m/min;
  • The industrial PC controller ICOS open is ideally suited for mid to high end pplications. Windows® based simple operation with graphical user interface.

Processing units

Technical data

Basic equipment
Feed speed:

16 - 30 m/min.


approx. 8,000 kg

Workpiece overhang from the chain track

38 mm

Workpiece thickness:

min. 8 mm | max. 60 mm

Workpiece width:

min. 65 mm

Workpiece length:

min. 150 mm

Edging Material
Edging thickness

min. 0,3 mm | max. 3 mm

Edging height

min. 14 mm | max. 65 mm

Edging length

min. 160 mm (coil) | min. 350 mm (solid wood lipping)

Edging cross-section

max. 130 mm²

Strip thickness

min. 0,8 mm | max. 20 mm


for high-quality processingNovimat