Novimat Contour L20 Multi

The all-rounder

With Novimat Contour R3 and Novimat Contour L20 there are proven specialists for processing plastic or real wood edge materials. Combining the advantages of both machines, the all-rounder Novimat Contour L20 Multi comes out - a machine that combines multiprofile technology with real woodworking. The special arrangement of the post-processing units enables the processing of a wide variety of edge materials at the highest quality level. Thanks to modern drive technology in the units that are synchronous to the feedrate, the flexible adaptation of the processing speed to the various edge materials is possible.

All units of the Novimat Contour L20 are of solid design and have optimal motor power, which ensures excellent repeatability, a high utilization rate and a long service able life expectancy.

The Novimat Contour L20 Multi allows cost-efficient and reliable production resource for edge material up to 20 mm thick for solid wood lippings and up to 3 mm thick for coils.

Processing units

Technical data

Machine Length

approx. 10.240 mm

Sound Level Operation

Without Processing < 85 dBA

Feed Speed

16 - 30 m/min.

Connected Load [Europe]

31 kW/69 A

Compressed Air Connection

7 Bar

Dust Extraction Connection

1x approx. ø 80mm
4x approx. ø 120mm
1x approx. ø 140mm

Dust Extraction Requirements [extraction speed: 28 m/s static negative pressure: 2,480 Pa]

6.700 m³/h

Total Weight

approx. 8,000 kg

Panel Thickness

min. 8 mm | max. 60 mm

Panel Width

min. 65 mm

Panel Length

min. 150 mm

Edging Height

min. 14 mm | max. 65 mm

Edging Thickness

min. 0,3 mm | max. 3 mm

Edging Cross-Section

max. 130 mm²

Edging Length

min. 160 mm (coil) | min. 350 mm (lipping)

Strip Thickness

min. 0,8 mm | max. 20 mm


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