Performance.cut  by IMA for effective cutting with minimum space requirements combines the advantages of nesting with the speed of sawing.

For efficient cutting of small batches, IMA has adapted the powerful and proven technology of the BIMA Cutting Centre for use in a new, more compact machine. The Performance.cut offers optimal processing of pre-cut parts in the smallest space and is therefore a very attractive proposition with regard to acquisition costs.

  • Optimised space requirements with maximum performance
  • Flexible cutting even with small quantities – effective and efficient
  • Automatic tool change during operation
  • Exceptional potential for savings as no sacrificial boards are required
  • Nested cutting plans possible
  • approx. 800 up to over 1500 parts/shift depending on the cutting plan
  • excellent quality of parts because they are permanently held by the work-holding devices until completely separated.

Processing units

Highlights - Performance.CUT

  • Feed system designed as a brush table
  • Insertion using 4 independent clamps
  • Clamping system with three independent "mushrooms"
  • 10 kW (S6) milling spindle, vector-controlled, air-cooled
  • Integrated extraction (above and below floor)
  • Moving 8-way tool changer
  • Upper pressure beam integrated into the machine bed
  • Optional integrated chip disposal belt
  • Centring system with independent servo axes in X-and Z-directions
  • Output system configured as a brush table
  • Extraction table configured as a brush table

  • Mobile control console with integrated operating system
  • IMA cutting pattern optimisation
  • Open data import interface for external software
  • Work list management
  • Raw panel dimensions 2800 x 2200 mm
  • Min finished part dimensions 100 x 205 mm
  • Max finished part dimensions 2800 x 2200 mm
  • optimal flow of parts when the cell is integrated into a processing plant
  • When parts are manually taken out of the cell, residual parts can also be fed from the front – without reaching into the stock, for fast and flexible manufacturing and the possibility of making „quick fixes“ without reaching into the whole system

Technical data

Basic equipment
Dust extraction single spindle

upper: 1 x Ø 180 mm


lower: 1 x Ø 250 mm

Dust extraction two spindles

upper: 2 x Ø 180 mm


lower: 1 x Ø 350 mm

Transport and working height

960 mm +/-50 mm

Axis feed speed
X 1 axis

80 m/min processing axis

Y 1 axis

80 m/min rack gear

Z 1 axis

40 m/min hight adjustment for milling spindle (ball screw spindle)

Workpiece thickness

z: 8 – 40 mm

Panel size

max. 2200 x 3300 mm, 2200 x 4300 mm, 5600 x 2200 mm


min. 500 x 1000 mm


min. 100 x 205 mm


max. raw size

Residual waste

from 500 x 1000 mm (or less)