BIMA Gx50/60 E / R

CNC router with robot head for woodworking

The BIMA Gx50/60 machining centre with robot head is more than just a gantry router. This machining centre allows work beyond the boundaries of the operations of a conventional CNC router: Aside from sizing, milling and drilling, this machining centre performs edge banding operations using glue or the Laser Edging process. The result: complete woodworking on one single machining centre, even with a seamless edge!

The robot head provides the CNC router
with sophisticated 3D machining capabilities as standard

Whenever it comes to three-dimensional woodworking, the robot head of the gantry router plays its trump card. In fact, the robot head can mill any shape with maximum accuracy. This sets new standards in woodworking with a CNC router! 360° machining operations are standard with the robot head!

Panel sizing and edge banding

On our BIMA Gx50/60 CNC router, the range of woodworking operations will not end after the usual steps: the machining centre can also edge-band the parts using the laser technique or with the conventional method. That means, one single machining centre can be used for the entire spectrum of woodworking operations in an industrial environment.

Machining centre with gantry drive

The CNC router operates with a gantry drive which allows for very high precision and simultaneously increases the drive force applied to the gantry in the woodworking process. The design of the drive system allows the gantry to be driven by two motors acting independently of each other and synchronized by software only. A machining centre for woodworking with robot head and Laser Edging technology: almost the maximum you can expect from such a machine! Please note that the robot head and the edge banding unit are optional features on the machining centre.

Processing units

Technical data

  • Machine concept with sturdy, genuine gantry design for extremely strict demands in terms of machining and milling quality
  • IMA laser edging unit (IMA patent), free-form parts with genuine no visible joint for the most demanding of requirements – energy demand is reduced by more than 20%
  • Individual, customised changer concept (can be retrofitted partially). The ideal tool and unit sets for any application; minimum tool change times thanks to 18-coil automatic tool change magazine (optional equipment) that travels with the head assembly in the Y direction as well
  • Independent Z axes – no changeover times, optimised machining times
  • Moving partial casing with large viewing elements for optimised operator safety and user-friendly inspection of machining area
  • Innovative machine-driven extraction concept with huge savings in extraction volume of up to 35% (optional)
  • Very little space required in terms of ceiling height
  • LED-set-up aid
  • NC set-up table: Dyna-Point; grooved pattern table
  • 2nd main spindle
  • 2- or 4coil magazine travelling with; stationary up to 12coil magazine
  • various adapter unit
  • various clamping devices
  • chip conveyor
  • barcode connection
  • various software options
  • Basic remote service or VPN

BIMA Cx40 / E / R