BIMA-CUT - Combination of machining centre and panel saw - for order-batch production of fronts and components to increase productivity for processing of furniture and construction elements.

The compact production cell: Not only is the BIMA CUT system used for the production of case single parts, but the whole cut including necessary drilling and milling operation is feasible at one machine.

This is how BIMA CUT differs from nesting machines and panel saws. 5 sides of the work piece are accessible at the same time, because it is set on vacuum suction cups during machining. Even the bottom of a work piece can be machined at the outer edges with the adapter units, edge banding integrated. The work pieces come out of the machine pre-finished. When the BIMA CUT is concatenated to an automatic edge banding machine, the operator can feed the edge banding machine and incorporate the supply for the BIMA CUT. This is how a real one man machining cell is achieved.

The ideal areas of use are craft, interior fitting and shop-fitting. Setup times can be neglected as even a single work piece is efficiently removed from a standard panel and delivered completely drilled and, if necessary, grooved and egded.

The BIMA CUT can also be used in the industrial production: special size cupboards, curved, oriel or bevelled furniture. Decorative panels and filling parts, etc. can also be added.

Processing units

Technical data

Basic equipment
Panel support bars

4 – 12 bars with 3 – 4 vacuum blocks each

Main spindle

10 kW at 60% DC (S6)


16 kW at 60% DC (S6)


18 kW at 60% DC (S6)

Tool changer capacity

18 stock positions

Tool clamping system

HSK 63 F DIN 69893

Vertical drills

14 or 21

Central extraction

Ø 250 mm

Sound level - under no load

< 80 dBA


295 mm (BIMA CUT E = 395 mm)


115 mm (bei BIMA CUT E = 220 mm)

Operating range

3.050/4.200 mm


1.220 (Optional 1.400 mm)


8 - 38 mm with automatic infeed


8 - 80 mm with manual infeed


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