The IMAGIC flex drilling system

the solution that brings flexibility with
just-in-time production combined with high productivity

In further developing IMAGIC flex drilling technology, IMA proves its commitment to the goal of becoming the single source for everything – whether throughfeed edging, drilling, handling or transport.

The compact, space-saving machines are also used for small and medium batch sizes (manufacturing to customer spec ifications) in the industrial production of living room, bedroom, kitchen, bathroom and office furniture, for manufacturers of self-assembly furniture or component suppliers.

They are designed for flexible horizontal and vertical drilling of rectangular work pieces from below and above. Flexibility, thanks to individually controlled drilling spindles, and minimal system set-up time means efficient machining of
complex hole patterns. Inserting plugs into the horizontal end faces is also possible, using a combination of drilling/plug insertion machines.

Our concept – your benefits:

  • Fully automatic machine set-up for the next component means that manual intervention by operator is no longer required
  • Minimal changeover time, all adjustments are made by highly dynamic servo axes
  • All of the individual modules in a drilling assembly can be set up independently of each other, no retraction required before retooling the entire system, achieving minimal chip-to-chip times
  • The use of an absolute value system for the servo axes means reference runs are no longer needed, and the machine is ready to run immediately it has been switched on, giving the best possible availability
  • Even complex hole patterns are possible thanks to the highly dynamic re-tooling of the drilling unit, giving economic unit costs in manufacturing/li>
  • Options include 6-sided machining of work pieces
  • As the main operations take place from below, there is no need for additional work piece turning devices
    – Space-saving
    – Easy chip removal with very little energy consumption

Processing units

Technical data

Standard equipment
Drilling motor

2 kW

Speed rotation (driving spindle)

Adjustable from 3,000 – 9,000 rev/min

No. of spindles per gearbox

up to 27 spindles (standard)

Physical layout

max. 2 per support


32 mm grid, 3-rowed standard

Head assembly width

128 mm

No. of head assemblies (bottom)

max. 6

No. of head assemblies (top)

max. 2

Working height

1,000 mm

Machine length

appox. 5.200/5.700 mm

Machine width

appox. 6.120 mm

Machine height

appox. 2,650 mm


(depends on configuration)


min. 220 mm


max. 2.500/3.300 mm


min. 120 mm


max. 1,000 mm


min. 12 mm (optional 10 mm)


max. 40 mm (optional 60 mm)


Bohrsystem IMAGIC