Your further training options at IMA

Well trained employees are the most important capital of our company - we have known that at IMA for a long time. For that reason we place great value on high-quality training and in encouraging and promoting our up and coming trainees.

The IMAversity was brought to life in 2013. The IMAversity addresses all the concerns of the Personnel department concerning the future. These include, for example, the encouragement and promotion of our trainees to give them the best possible perspectives for the future.Against this background, there is also a special program for trainees at IMA that includes training in various topic areas such as "Job etiquette in day to day work", "Stress management" or "Teambuilding". But product training for trainees also takes place regularly so that they can become familiar with our complex technologies.

In addition, every year we offer a personal development program with around 80 further training options from various fields for our employees. Our trainees can of course take part in the forms of training that are offered and so increase their skills and knowledge.

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