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IMA Schelling Deutschland GmbH, which has been developing and producing woodworking systems with advanced technologies for more than 60 years now with a team of more than 900 employees and has left its mark on the industry through pioneering innovations and developments. You too can become a member of this extraordinary team!

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For a number of years now IMA Klessmann GmbH has concerned itself with topics looking to the future, such as staff planning, company health management, ways to recruit and retain staff and trainees. But there are also a number of other topics that greatly concern us so as to be able to successfully master in the future the various internal requirements as well as the needs of the market and also to maintain our claim to leadership in this sector. In 2013 we brought the IMAversity to life so as to further anchor our concrete and highly varied visions in the HR sector and also to be able to convey them to the outside. We will be able to address all our HR concerns regarding the future through the IMAversity. In addition to the measures that have already been taken and further projects to be carried out in future to promote the tying in of employees and improve employee satisfaction, the IMAversity will help us to acquire new trainees.

Personal career development

Well trained employees and the most important capital of our company. Our know-how is genuine expert knowledge. Attractive options for further training and education ensure individual career growth and successful career planning.

  Personal career development program
Individual options for further training
The IMA ABC for the introduction of new staff


Starting your career at IMA: The foundation of or IMA technologies that are recognized worldwide is provided by our staff. In order for this to remain so, we place very great value on the training of the next generation of our staff. That is the IMA formula for success for an optimal start to your career and a professional career path that has prospects of future growth.

  IMAgination Day
Training trade fairs
Work experience days
Projects for university students and interns

Promoting the next generation

You do not become a world market leader just by chance. We at IMA know that highly qualified specialists are needed and that they must have enough leeway for their own developments. We wish to secure our position as the market leader in the future as well through the targeted promoting and encouragement of our next generation of trainees.

  Pool of trainees
Trainee program


In our personnel recruitment our focus is increasingly on efficiency. For us recruiting is not just a way to address candidates but also an option to position and communicate our "brand" as an employer.

  ob trade fairs


Operational integration management: It is not always possible to avoid diseases and accidents through preventive measures. IMA has set up a special team, which offers measures for reintegration, so that employees are given optimum care during longer and more frequent illnesses.


Company health management: A company is only as healthy as its employees. For that reason, on our capacity as an employer, we want to make a contribution towards to maintaining the health of our employees. We take active measures to help protect the most important capital that people can have.

  Health days
Back training days   Courses to stop smoking
Stress management seminars

Safety at work

Safety at work takes top priority at IMA. We comply strictly with the German regulations on health and safety at work to ensure the safety of our employees at work and to minimizes sources of danger. In addition, we develop additional concepts for safety at work, hold seminars, and inform our employees about special topics concerning safety at work.

Our region

The Mühlenkreis - between Weser and Wiehen

The Mühlenkreis has a good reason for its name ("the area of mills"): the landmarks of this region are 42 functional windmills, watermills and horse-operated mills, and the sole ship mill in Germany that can actually function as a mill. But the Mühlenkreis has much more to offer for both young and old.

Ostwestfalen-Lübbecke is likewise well known as a centre of industry. The infrastructure is correspondingly good. The film of the town of Lübbecke shows very well the possibilities and the quality of life here in the region.

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